Top 10 Solar Electricity Providers

Thu, 2013-01-31 (All day)

2012 was a good year for solar power in the USA, with total installed capacity reaching 8.5GW. This figure, while impressive and growing rapidly, still leaves the US trailing the world leaders by a considerable distance. Germany, for example, already has 32GW of solar power installed and they expect to reach 25% solar powered electricity generation by 2050.

Today’s top ten solar electricity providers makes interesting reading. Californian, Nevadan and Thai companies are out in the lead, with Ontario, India, Texas and Arizona putting in a good showing. The reason for this is simple; local support to push technology in the right direction.

1. San Diego Gas and Electric (California) 
2. Pacific Gas and Electric (California)
3. NV Energy (Nevada)
4. Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Thailand)
5. Ontario Power (Ontario)
6. Sault Sainte Marie PUC (Ontario)
7. Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam (India)
8. CPS Energy (Texas)
9. envia (California)
10. Salt River Project (Arizona)

Just like solar electricity, on-farm anaerobic digesters require local support to enable grid parity with large hydro projects. Seeing as our beautiful province isn’t as sunny as California, Nevada or Thailand, doesn’t it make sense to advocate for a technology that makes sense locally, such as anaerobic digestion?